Event Tech Rider

Event Tech Rider To Determine Needs

Fill out this form, if you need to add more later you will need to repeat the process or email directly to kevin@fundamentaltechnologies.com 

If you do not have either power option in sufficient quantity we will need to discuss generators or panel taps. For a panel tap we will need to know the breaker and panel type.  There will additional fee for either option that will vary by duration and type etc. 

Please send a good picture of any panels and associated labels if that needs to happen.

Please include a picture of the site for the event and draw a sketch or mark a picture with where you think sound will come from and where it needs to be heard from.  I may re-design that after seeing it.

we will NOT operate off of customer provided generators without a full inspection of such and being involved in usage planning etc. This will also add a fee. 

 Hand Held
 Head Worn
 Lavalier ASK about this choice
 Radio Patch
 Cell Phone Patch
 Aux 1/8 input from pod or player