Go Paperless

PAPER? What's Paper?
Fundamental Technologies LLC is committed to reducing waste, cost and, pollution by eliminating paper. Along with learning to use computers kids and, most adults need to learn the new Green and correct way of "Refusing To Print."
Printing has been a part of computers since the beginning and is truly only needed for a small number of things. Many people simply use their computer to over print things.
Paper documents are out of date the second you click print. It's sort of like driving the new car off the lot, you lose half the value in that moment!
Electronic documents, especially centrally located ones, are always up to date no matter how many people use them.

Try this: Add up all the paper and ink costs you use, and then join the "Refuse To Print Club" and see how fast you can save money for a new computer! Along the way you can feel better about the environment and your skills at keeping people informed and connected without creating out of date waste.

Fundamental Technologies has been a mostly paperless office for 28 years. Email or web postings replace newsletters, invoices, receipts, letters, documents, and so much more.

We offer many web based and server based applications to help you do this!